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Hi Guys, I am a new member and could do with some help/advice.
My computer has recently been taking up to three restarts before booting up correctly, I found on my CC cleaner reference to a missing or damaged mui file oobefldr, this I have traced to Windows welcome centre and system 32, this I believe is the cause of my startup probs.
Using information from your website I have got to the stage where I actually have a repair disc (using Img burn) I want to know if using the repair disc I have downloaded will repair this oobe file, also is it as easy as it sounds to do this, or do I run the risk that I could turn a relatively small problem into something bigger, as in crashing my computer.
I am useing Vista 32 bit.
I am really nervous about using the disc as my knowledge of computers is to say the least scant.
Hope someone can help.
Our recovery disk is only for getting you back into a system with missing boot files.
It won't repair a broken OS.
You could try running a chkdsk /r to see if there's a bad spot on the disk which can be fixed, or a scannow for bad system files.
Thanks Terry, Glad that I asked the question and even more so that you replied and very quickly too.
Will try all the suggestions and will let you know the outcome.
Thanks again.
oobe is the Microsoft Out of Box Experience, responsible for everything from the first-time wizard(s) to product activation.

If it's corrupted, Windows may think you're attempting to bypass the activation and fail to load.

However, MUIs just contain the different languages, so I don't think this is your problem. As Terry said, try using the recovery disk to do some general repair work.
Hello Computer Guru, I did as Terry suggested and first ran the scannow, everything seems okay, then ran the chkdsc, as it was late at night and it seemed to be going on forever I went to bed, upon waking I noticed the computer had done a restart, so I do not know what if anything the chkdsc had found or even resolved.
Still have the startup prob and still getting "oobefldr 33057" on my CCleaner.
Curious that you suggested running the repair disc, as the way I read Terry's reply it was not going to help me to do so. Really confused can you elaborate.
Hello Terry, don't know how I found this, but I did. I think this is a screen shot of last nights chkdsc scan, hope this helps.


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CG's reference to the recovery disk was because it will enable you to open a command prompt window.
You can run chkdsk and scannow from that if the OS is inaccessible.
I'm sorry, I don't see the relevance of your screenshot ?

Try renaming the attachment from .txt to .mui (had to alter it to meet attachment rules) and putting that in your system32 folder.


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Hello Terry, I am quite a novice with computers, and am fumbling about in the dark trying to solve this oobefldr prob, when searching through the event log looking for some sort of reference to the result of the chkdsc scan, I found the attached.
Please be patient with me, I am just looking for a way to solve this prob.
Any advice would be welcome.


Sorry Terry, just noticed your attachment, will look into it.


Hello Terry, changed the .txt to .mui and dragged it into the system 32 (oobe file) was this correct and how will I know if it works, I suppose the answer will be that it will not show on my ccleaner and also my computer will go back to starting first time.
Sorry it must be difficult dealing with amateurs.
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.txt to .mui

Hello Terry, Tried as you suggested, that is dropping your attachment into the 32 file, it made no difference, was that because I actually put it into the oobe file as opposed to the main file?
Your advice would be welcome.

dodgy, again, I don't think this is the cause of your problems.

Do you have any files in the C:\Windows\Minidump folder?

If so, please zip the latest one and upload it as an attachment.
Try pressing F8 at bootup and use the "Don't automatically restart on system failure" option each time until you see a blue screen.
Hello Computer Guru, shut the computer off and restarted and sods law it started perfectly, but you can bet it does'nt tomorrow morning, so will try what you said, although it does'nt always give a blue screen just the black one.
Would you like me to attempt to send you the "windows update" from the windows file, didn't know if that would tell you anything, I could copy and paste details from this mornings fiasco.

Major Problem Solved.

Well it would seem after lots of homework including downloading recovery discs and trying to absorb lots af advice, I decided to go back to the source of my problem, that was the computer refusing to start 1st time, showing me black and blue screens.
It was then that I tried something really simple, and that was going into wndows defender and disabling everything that was not needed on startup, and now my computer starts very quickly first time.
Just goes to prove that you should try the simple things first before you get complicated.
I would like to thank everyone for trying to help with my problem and hope that someone may benefit from my experience.

Sounds like you've got software that isn't compatible or out of date. Though you've fixed the immediate problem you really should go back and disable one by one to determine which software it is, so it can be updated or removed.
Hello Kairozamorro, yes you are perfectly correct, hiding the problem under the carpet solves nothing, I will start checking this out right now. I just wish that more simple remedys had been suggested first instead of going into the what appears to me to be the more complicated side of the problem. The problem with knowing to much would appear to take one away from the basics, eg. "my computer won't start" "have you plugged it in?" silly example but true.
This is not a criticism of anyone on the forum, but maybe should be borne in mind when dealing with newbies like me.
Again thanks to everyone.


PS. Good Forum.