OS X partition not visible, and defaults to "80"


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I'm trying to dual boot Windows 7 and OS X. The setup is as follows:

Disk 0: Reserved partition, Windows 7 system partition
Disk 1: Small partition, OS X partition, small partition
Disk 2: Windows data partition

I used to dual boot by changing the hard drive order in the BIOS but decided to try EasyBCD.

The first attempt was by booting into Windows 7 and running EasyBCD 1.7.2. When I added Mac OS X I was given no option to specify a drive letter for the OS X partition because that partition is not assigned a drive letter in Windows 7. So although an entry for Mac OS X was created, it pointed to C:, which didn't work.

I then downloaded EasyBCD beta 2.0 build 55. This version of EasyBCD allows the user to specify a drive number when adding an OS X partition. So I used drive 1, assuming that drive 0 was windows, and drive 1 was the OS X drive. Now, selecting Mac OS X in the boot menu causes a few messages to fly by (too quick to read) and then a prompt that basically says: "Device 80 was not bootable, you have two seconds to change the boot drive". At this point specifying "81" works. Mac OS X is booted successfully.

My questions are:
1 why do I have to type in 81 as the drive letter, can't it be made the default?
2. what settings to use in EasyBCD so the booting happens correctly for Mac OS X?