PC start-up goes directly to last boot-up selection

There are 3 partitions on this PC's drive, each with bootable OS. From PC pwr-up it will boot to the default boot w/o allowing user to select. If restart is requested it will behave as expected: allowing boot selection.
This is new for me, in past this did not happen. The difference is Win 10 pro installation, before win 10 upgrade from windows 7 home.
Once any of the boot-ups are established all is good, it's just the initial power-up boot that will go directly to default boot configuration w/o rendering a choice.


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There is a resolve, however; unpleasant. Since the anniversary update with windows 10 pro, ksh would crash upon open giving error message: "_main: memory allocation error during startup." . This also occurred in windows 7 and the fix was to take ownership of windows dir. Trying this appeared to be the wrong direction so I recovered from a restore point made just before the W10 anniversary update. Re-installed the A update. Still have shell (ksh) trouble but boot-up happens as expected.