[PENDING] iReboot corrupts Windows 7 64bit bootsector on SSD disk BUG?

- New install of Windows 7 64 bit on disk 0, a Kingston 120 GB SSD
- Install easyBCD 2.1.2, and add 2 other boot entries ( Windows 7 32 bit and Windows Vista, from another HDD)
- Test this, and bootmanager shows correct list of OS and all OS choices boot OK
- boot into Windows 7 64 bit from SSD
- install latest version of iReboot from EasyBCD menu; installs correctly
- reboot using iReboot: 'Reboot on Selection'
- some error message appears too quickly to read any of this and system restarts but:
- ERROR: system no longer comes up with the bootmanager OS choice; even with only the SSD connected Windows 7 no longer boots
- it appears that the bootsector is wiped (message: select proper boot device or insert bootable medium )

I have re-installed Windows 7 twice on my new SSD and found the iReboot bug twice. Is anything known about this bug?

EDIT: It seems I was a tad hasty; on disconnecting the HDDs and booting from SSD only, I found the bootmanager was still there, and thus that the boot sector on the SSD had NOT been wiped; but on trying to boot from the HDD into Windows 7 32 bit I found that there is no boot choice, and omce restarted, EasyBCD reports NO entries at all. So that has been wiped by the action of iReboot, and I continue to believe that there is a bug in iReboot. Hope someone finds it. Cheers!
System spec: Core 2 i7-3770; Asus P8H77-V; 4 GB memory; Kingston 120 GB SSD; Seagate 1 TB HDD; Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS;
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iReboot does not write to the MBR. I am unsure what's happening, but in the years it's been released, this is the first such. I'll need more info.
Query answered and resolved.

That is pretty definite: iReboot does not write to boot sector so cannot have been the cause of my troubles. I am grateful to Computer Guru for that information, and must conclude that I may have made my own system too complicated for me to understand it properly, what with one SSD, two other HDDs all three with a number of partitions with a choice of multiple boot of 4 Windows OSs on them. Sorry to have cast aspersions on iReboot by posting in haste.


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No, that's ok. I'm curious as to what *did* happen, though.

If you had said EasyBCD, there's room for doubt as it's a much more complicated application that does oh so much more. But iReboot is very simple and to the point, and pretty limited in scope.