Please help me-----Dual boot issue


Ok so i had Windows xp 64 bit and windows 7 ultimate installed. Each on both separate hard drives. Today I uninstalled windows xp to do a fresh install of it for my flight simulator. After i booted in i can not get into my windows 7 os and really dont know how to solve this. So my situation is have both of them now separate hard drives and i have easy bcd. What am i to do so I can see the boot loader again and be able to choose which os i am to bot into
this is what ive done so far since i installed easy bcd

1. Got error saying could not find store data.. So i went to hard drive with windows 7 located on it and open the bcd file in D:\Windows\Boot\DVD\EFI

2. Got into Easy bcd and added windows 7 as an entry. Got error about not getting exclusive access to the file. the copyed the bcd file and put it on my xp desktop and used it in easy bcd. added windows 7 as an entry. Rebooted didnt work

4. came on this looking for help. Got help.. thanks

5.did what you said and reset bcd and added windows 7 as an entry and tryed adding windows xp but it said there was no copy of window nt found on any hard drive

6 Restarted sign of boot loader..back into xp and since then i cannot open easy bcd as i get an error on access.

7. Reinstalled easy bcd and still getting a error. Cant open easy bcd at all now

8.Here i am

I would gather something went seriously wrong
The BCD isn't inside the Windows folder (that's just the proto-BCD which the install uses as a template to create the real one).
It's x:\boot\BCD and is super-hidden (set folder options like this to see it)
Before doing anthing else, check the BIOS to make sure you're booting from the right HDD.
An easy option if you have genuinely screwed the W7 boot, is simply to disconnect XP temporarily, boot your W7 DVD and run startup repair three times.
Im on windos xp atm..and did as you showed ...could not find the fileon either of the hardrives the only thing i could find is boo.ini
In that case, you probably installed the W7 boot files to the previous XP partition (standard MS architecture for W7 installed with XP already present) and by reinstalling XP you've completely removed them.
Do as I said in the last line of the previous post and let MS fix it for you. (disconect XP temporarily and it will put the W7 files in the W7 partition and avoid such problems in the future). Remember to check the BIOS is booting from the W7 HDD after you reconnect XP.