PLEASE HELP! My laptop is almost a paperweight!!


I really need your help guys...

Here it goes...

Last week after using windows vista basic for the past 9 months i decided to try the windows 7 RC

after a week or so of using it just fine

i got the dreaded unmountable boot volume error

so i put in the disk i burnt my windows 7 RC too which should act as a disk to boot from to re-install/repair the RC but when i do this it loads the files as normal to do this but then i just get a black screen with a cursor i can move out but do nothing with..

so i thought it may just be a dodgy disk...

I reburnt it and got the same thing...

Downloaded the ISO file for the Vista recovery disk

using all the right programs for burning ISO's and everything..

and still excatly the same problem....just a hanging black screen and no HD activity...

Please please help as im at my wits end with this problem...

and as a student a new laptop is not financially viable!

i apreciate any reply!:wtf:
Hi Rob, welcome to NST.
Have you tried removing the HDD from the PC and replacing it a few times to clean up the contacts ?
Have you entered the BIOS and seen if it's detecting your boot drive ?
Even a laptop has the ability to remove/replace/upgrade the HDD (see attached illustration for my old Thinkpad- Your user manual should give similar instructions).
There's no cleaning to do as such, just the act of removing and replacing the drive will clean any oxidation off the connector contact surfaces.
Do it a few times and check whether the machine boots. I've had a number of "dead" PCs that had merely stopped detecting a HDD at POST. It's always a good thing to check first, before embarking on more drastic remedial attempts.


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