Please Offer Older Versions of EasyBCD again!

Ever since my Nemesis (ie my computer) insisted on "updating" my EasyBCD version 1.7.2 to 2.1 I have had nothing but problems with starting my multi-boot system. I have an IDE drive WinXP, a Vista32/Vista 64 in IDE mode, and SATA Win7 32/Win7 64, all of which have irreplaceable programs that don't work on anything else, and all of which booted properly before the upgrade. I have a backup copy of 1.7 which I installed sucessfully ( I thought) but when I reboot, the system automatically upgrades to 2.1, and then fails, giving me Windows Boot Manager error messages. I can only get my system up by keeping my Win7 installation disc in the drive, running repair, and keeping CD ROM as my first boot device! WHAT A PAIN! Neosmart used to offer a sideboard of older version download options on your website. Now, it is "take it or leave it", and I am beginning to think leave it. To my regret, Paypal has prevented me from making donations to the development of what has always been good, reliable freeware, but I am glad I did not pay for this new nightmare. (I blame Microsoft, as ever. Programmers do not think like human beings, or they would have designed Windows to offer the option of replacing or repairing any or all missing or corrupted files(not just boot, and not full restore) without having to re-install the whole operationg system, as well as an automatic default to last good config or emergency boot options if first attempt fails.). If you cannot bring back the working old versions of EasyBCD, it might be time to shell out the $50.00 for Aconis.



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a) EasyBCD does not automatically upgrade. Ever.
b) There are zero known issues in 2.1 were not present in 1.7
c) Your job as a user would be to help us fix them, not complain
d) Acronis and EasyBCD are not competing products, go ahead and buy Acronis, no one is stopping you.


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You don't seem to understand that EasyBCD is not an active part of the boot process. It doesn't matter what version you have on your PC or even if you uninstall it completely.
Unless you use it to make a manual change to the configuration of the Vista/7/8 bootmgr's BCD store, it will do nothing to your system other than occupy a bit of disk space.
If you do use it, then version 2 will do things undreamed of in 1.7 (which doesn't even support W7 fully, being released before it)
As CG explained, EasyBCD does not upgrade unless you download and install a newer version (in which case it will uninstall and replace an older version, but only if you tell it to).
You seem to be confusing EasyBCD with some other aspect of the MS boot process which is giving problems.
I'm sure if you take a deep breath, compose yourself and take a more measured tone when explaining the actual nature of your problem, you'll find someone here who can help you use EasyBCD to fix your problem (if the problem lies within its influence) or help you with understanding what else might be at fault.