Prob xp boot with win 7


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I loaded bcd several months ago to multiboot win7 64bit win7 32bit and xp. each os would comeup on boot screen and boot ok. Even worked last week. Now, today when i select xp from the boot menu, (after the dell logo 1str appears), the screen goes blank for a few seconds and then it returns to the dell logo and boot selection menu. I booted to win7 64bit and I also tried to add this install of xp as a new os in bcd and it does the same thing. I am not sure why this changed or what is happening top cause this. No new installs of win7 os.

thanks for the assistance.

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well, i made some changes in the easybcd which was loaded under win 7 64bit and then found i no longer got the boot menu at startup at all. so i loaded win7 32bit disk and repaired the install. now i got both the 32 and 64 bit installs on a boot menu. loaded easy bcd and added the xp os and lo and behold all now work again. not sure what the problem was as adding the xp prior did not work.the inconvenience, but hope this is helpful for someone

any clues what went wrong??


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Did you do any physical reconfiguration of your HDDs or cables ?