After performing an Automated Repair on my Windows XP, I've got this error at boot time:

"No g2ldr"

It was, obviously, caused by EasyRE. Afterall, my environment was stuck in a black screen prior to that.
I have followed the this topic, but no change. Same error persists.

My system would be stuck in a black screen right after BIOS.
It would not proceed from that.
So, I grabbed my old EasyRE pen-drive, and booted from it.

As described in EasyRE site, I've choosen the Automated Repair. After that it prompted me to take off the usb-drive and restart the computer.

That done, this new error appeared: a new black screen with the message "No g2ldr"

Searched on NeoSmart site and followed this topic.
It didn't work and I'm stuck again.

I'm really disappointed that, nowhere, on the NeoSmart site they admit that this error may be caused by their software.

Instead, I could only find, in their features page, a self-promotion, where they claim thay their software "fix this issue".
Nowhere, not a single mention that this error might be caused by themselves.

I'm not blaming NeoSmart. I'm stating a fact.
If they do that, they might have a real good reason. And I hope they will tell me.

Otherwise, I personally will not use it's software anymore, nor will I recommend them.
In fact, I will specifically not recommend it.


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There's no need for shouting, we can hear you just fine if you don't use all caps :smile:

Anyway, unless this is an extremely old copy of EasyRE or a pirated copy of EasyRE (which I wouldn't mention except I couldn't find any licenses under your email address), g2ldr is not used in EasyRE's code anywhere.