Problem with 1.7


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When adding a xp boot entry, it doesn't work.

i uninstalled and installed 1.6 and it works...

one thing i noticed differently between the two is, one 1.7 it says /NTLDR and on 1.6 its /ntldr...

and also, on 1.7, it doesn't let you pick a drive when adding a boot entry... i have to add and then go back and edit it to a different drive letter...

i always thought software was supposed to be made better and not worse :??

sorry if this is already being addressed... other then that, i like the software, good job!! :smile:
Hi Charms, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

EasyBCD 1.7 is configured to auto-search for NTLDR, and pick the drive that has it. If NTLDR is not found, EasyBCD 1.7 will choose the boot drive, where you'll have to manually copy NTLDR.

Only possible scenario I can think of where 1.7 would fail is if you have NTLDR on more than one drive, but one of them is missing NTDETECT.

However, EasyBCD 1.7 and 1.6 configured to the same drive should both work....