Problem with 32x iso....can't get it to load.


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Quick background: The laptop I am working on is not mine, so I have limited information on it. It is an Acer Aspire 5515, running some version of Vista, I believe SP1. I know it had some malware on it a few days ago (Windows Police Pro and others), I cleaned it out and everything seemed fine. A few days later he brought it back to me because Windows Police Pro supposedly came back. I started it in safe mode to see what started, then restarted properly. But it would not boot up, it would get to the Microsoft screen with the green progress bar and just stay there forever. I tried rebooting in safe mode and recovery mode...nothing. It would just get stuck at the MS screen.

I found this website and downloaded the recovery disk. Now, from everything I could find on the net the Acer 5515 came with 64x naturally I started with the 64x recovery disk. I burned the iso with imgburn, everything seemed fine. I put that CD in the drive and it will boot to the "install" screen, which I just click "repair" and it loads up, I choose Windows Vista, then click next and I get a popup that tells me the recovery disk is not compatible with the installed version of Vista.

Ok fine, so I went and downloaded the other iso image and burned that the same way, but instead of getting to the "install" screen, it sticks in the MS screen. It loads windows files, it asks me to hit any key to boot off CD, but then it just stays on the MS load screen.

Bottom line is, the 64x iso loads like it should but it's not "compatible" with the installed version of Vista...but the 32x recovery disk won't load. I am lost.

Thank you.
Chris, your best bet is getting hold of installation media from the buddie whose computer you're trying to fix and flat out clean install if you're unsure of how to correctly remove the malware he's got. Our disks are for fixing non-booting Windows but the install in question has several other major issues thanks to the malware.