Problem with booting into Linux.

Hello everyone,

I have made a multiboot on my computer using EasyBCD,

Here is a preview of my hard drive


1st partition is OSX (HFS+)
2nd is Win7 (NTFS)
3rd is Windows Trust 4 (based on Windows server 2003) (NTFS)
4th is empty but should be Debian (FAT32, should be ETX3)
5th is Kubuntu (and I can't boot into it >< ) (EXT4)

I think there is a problem with primary and extended partition, but I don't know how to solve it.

I have instaled Grub on /dev/sda6, wich is the 5th partition on the picture if I'm not wrong.

Here is my EasyBCD config


I hope you can help me.


Sorry about my english, I'm French.
No, I am still using 1.7.2,

I'm going to update, hope it will work.

EDIT: I have just updated to v2.0, lastest build, I have re-created the Linux entry with Grub 2 instead of Grub, and it works.

Thanks =)
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