Problem with Win8

I have installed Windows 7 on one drive and Windows 8 on a second drive.

When I configure the BIOS to boot from the second drive Windows 8 boots correctly.

I have installed EasyBCD 2.2 on the first drive and added the Win8 drive as a second entry.


When I boot from the first drive and select to start Windows 8 a get an error message telling me that the installation has to be repaired.

Can anybody help me ?



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Knows where his towel is.
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There's nothing wrong with your post.
I was just pointing you to another thread where the problem you describe has already been explained and discussed.
Your text did not tell me that there are other threats.

Anyhow, my problem is not solved reading the "similar threats"

I have installed Win 7 on a SSD device and Win8 on a normal hard disk.

Because the SSD boots much faster than a hard disk I always want to boot from the SSD as the first device.
Therefore I have installed EasyBCD on the SSD and created an entry for Win8 on the hard disk.

It seems to me that I always will have to boot from the Win8 disk first and accept that the boot process takes much longer.
Is there no solution to this problem ?



Knows where his towel is.
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As mentioned in post #7 of the other thread, the problem arises when you install W8 in isolation.
MS expects you to install W8 with W7 visible, in which case Setup will automatically overwrite W7's bootmgr with the newer W8 version, and there is obviously no compatibility problem.
You are using the old W7 bootmgr, which does not recognize W8 Winload as genuine.
One workaround if you want to use the SSD to boot (good idea!) is to rename bootmgr on the W7 "system" drive and copy the W8 bootmgr into the same place so that the SSD boot uses the later version.
If you decide to junk W8 (as all sensible desktop PC users ultimately will decide to do), you can delete the new version and rename the old one back again.