Problems installing XP


Have a nice day. i just entered this forum in finding out how to solve my problem: re installing Xp after Vista. i don't know if its right to post in here but i found no better way. I got an asus A6RP notebook with xp originally installed. i tried vista but it boots very slow so i decided to re install xp. now the problem is, whenever i try the xp installation, it will only say "Setup is configuring your installation...' or something like that. after that, the screen will only go blank and black. even i waited for several minutes (and even hours!) the setup screen of xp won't appear. i tried it many times and waited for very long but nothiong happens. i thought i couldnt go back to xp which cripples my notebook. Please Sir, if you have idea how to solve my problem coz i felt so stupid right now... tanx for whatever help you all could provide.. More power... -archi
Well from the sound of it your XP CD isnt starting up the install. So first i would say that you would have to test out this CD on another machine to see if it does work. If not then you have to find other isntall Media. If it does then there is something with your laptop setup that needs to be fixed.
Tanx for the response Mak. been using this xp cd for quite long now and it didn't failed me. am sure the prob is with my laptop but i just cant point where or what. i thought it is still treating the installation as that of vista. i already formatted my hdd but still the problem goes. is there a way i can restore or reset my bios settings so it will accept this installation? tanx....
Okay so the install media does work. It is that isnt doesnt work on this laptop? There should be a restore function wihtin your BIOS. Almost all of them have it. It sounds from your first post that it does start the install but hte install freezes. Could be a scratched disc. Have you checked the disc to make sure it isnt damaged?
This is a known issue with Windows Vista - it sometimes does not write the MBR correctly and that can cause the issue that you're currently experiencing.

It's not 100% the cause, but it's certainly worth trying to fix.

In Windows Vista install EasyBCD -> Bootloader Management -> Reinstall Vista Bootloader.

Then reboot and attempt to reinstall XP once more.
Gudpm CG, have tried but still the problem goes. Will i be able to install xp if i'll format the whole hdd or change it with a clean/new one? Tanx...
You might be able to. Have you checked this CD with another PC to make sure the CD is good? If ont i would do that before you go and format. If it turns out the CD is bad then you wont accomplish anything.
Ok tanx for that Mak. Will check also the CD... Hope i'll be able to coz am tired of using Lin. Some of my hardware won't work (tv tuner)... and lots of friends and family members don't know how to use Lin.... Tanx.. :smile: