Problems with Vista booting into XP Pro


About two weeks ago everything worked fine. The dual boot menu would come up and I could easily boot into XP. I tried it again today and it didnt work. The dula boot menu is still there but it goes to a blank screen when I try to get XP running. The only difference is that Windows Vista had a bunch of major updates and Im wondering if that could be the problem. I now have net framework 3.??, etc.
How do I go about repairing it. Do I need to put in new copies of NTDETECT.COM and ntldr.
I opened the Vista boot.ini file and it has nothing in it!! Is that nromal? When I try to boot into XP I get the message "invalid BOOT.INI file"
Also, where can I download the file that will hide Vista from XP so that my restore points arent destroyed in Vista.
Your help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
Ron L
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Ron, were you previously booting with HnS ?
If you just applied SP2 to Vista, it replaces bootmgr.
The problem is that HnS substitutes itself for bootmgr and renames Vista's bootmgr to bootmgr.hns.
This enables it to slip in before the normal boot, hide or unhide drives as required, then chain the normal Vista bootmgr (the renamed one) or NTLDR.
By applying SP2 you've replaced the HnS bootmgr with the new Vista version, so ordinary Vista is now in charge of the boot instead of HnS.
You need to set your folder options like this to make sure you can see everything, delete all files you find on your partitions with a .hns filetype, then run the HnS UI.exe again to put HnS back in control