Problems with Windows 7


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Hi, I used EasyBCD version on Windows 7 64 bit for some time and it worked. But now I get a very strange error message: "The boot configuration data store could not be opened. Would you like to manually load a BCD registry for EasyBCD to manage? Please note that EasyBCD requires Win. Vista/7" etc.
I do not understand much of this message to be honest. I tried to find sth. with Google but all I understood that this problem could have sth. to do with a CMD.exe file. I started it also as an admin but all I got was a Dos windows that was opened - without any success. How can I get EasyBCD to function again?
Many thanks!
EasyBCD expects to find the BCD on the "active" partition of the first HDD in the BIOS boot sequence, this is also normally "system".
If you have done something which means they are not the same place, then you will need to manually direct EasyBCD to "system".
Also, the latest builds have the facility in Tools > Options to load the BCD from a specified location. If you have selected this (and it's wrong) then change it to be the correct location or untick it.

Disk Management flags have the following meanings

"boot" = "this is the system you're running"
"system" = "this is where I found the boot files for the currently running system"
"active" (on the first HDD in the BIOS boot sequence) = "this is where I started the search for the boot files"
"active" (on subsequent HDDs in the BIOS boot sequence) ="this is where I will look if I don't find something in the MBR on the first HDD"