Query Removable Devices - can EasyBCD 2.2 final please allow us to disable it?


Newer EasyBCD versions query removable devices, which may delay EasyBCD from starting for half a minute or longer.

This feature is great for those who need it. But for the rest of us who do not use removable devices in this way, this can be a big headache. I there any way to give us an option (just an option) to disable this feature and permanently resolve the problem rather than suggesting to never upgrade from version 2.1 which does not have this problem (if we have external hard drives connected and ON.)

Even better, can Query Removable Devices be an option you would need to *enable* only if you use removable devices in this way?


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Moved to "ideas" as it's not a bug.
No doubt CG will consider making it optional if possible in a future build.


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This is something I've been battling with for a while, I don't like "option overload" and I'm looking for a better way of dealing with this problem.
It's really a bug with Windows since I'm not trying to read/write from the drives, I just need metadata from them, but it insists on spinning them up to get this info that's actually cached in memory.

I will see what I can do.


Thank you kindly and if I may suggest, even if a jungle of options is hidden behind a single click which opens them up - that is so much better then not giving expert users a choice and forcing them to mess with everything from registry to the program itself to concluding to never upgrade from version xx, which is what I had to do, I had to revert to EasyBCD 2.1 on all my multi boot drive images, posting a warning to myself to never upgrade.

So whichever new feature of this nature comes up in the future, as long as there is an option (just an option however deeply hidden) to return to what used to work -- so many headaches will be avoided and all will be well if we can revert back with just one checkbox or option change.