REALLY Need Help with Vista...

i had a computer running Windows Xp Pro on one hard drive, and i had another hard drive connected to it as an empty storage drive.

when vista came out, I decided to install it on my comp. I installed vista on the second empty drive. Everything worked fine. I could boot into vista, and if i changed the hard drive boot order i could boot into xp.

But, i later decided that i no longer wanted the hard drive with xp anymore. So i unplugged from my comp and then when i tried to boot into vista, it wouldnt work. The hard drive wasnt booting up. I plugged the first hard drive with xp back in and everything worked fine and i was able to boot into vista again and vice versa.

How can i remove the old xp drive and still have vista boot up without it requiring the xp drive to be plugged in. I really want to delete the old xp drive and use it as storage for vista. right now the xp drive is being wasted cause i realy have no use for it just sitting there.
I have read other threads that people have posted, but was not able to get any solutions out of them.

Appearently theres something wacky with the boot loader or something. I think some files that vista needs to boot were put onto the xp hard drive. Im not sure though. If anyone has any ideas i would really appreciate it.


Mostly Harmless
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You are a SAINT...

Thank you for your reply...As soon as you responded, i went to work on the problem. I followed the directions and used the software recommended, and then ...BOOM. It was fixed. I was having such a hard time with this and I put it off for so long. THANKS A MILLION.


Mostly Harmless
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That's great news :smile:

Glad you got it all sorted out.