So I used your program to dualboot windows and ubuntu, so I tried ubuntu and it had some driver problems and couldnt install it so I rebooted to windows again and decided do to skip the bootloader and use windows as the default. NOW IT AUTOMATICLY BOOTS TO THIS BROKEN UBUNTU AND I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT? And when I bought this comp it didnt have any repair disk, it only had this windows 7 reinstallation DVD that doesnt apparently work on ubuntu because linux doesnt support executables, wtf? HELP IS VERY APPRECIATED!!!!!! also idk if this is the right section but w/e


Mostly Harmless
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Shouting and yelling won't help. You clearly set "skip the bootloader" with Ubuntu as the default.

(and it's not the right section, moving it now)

Mak 2.0

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Use the Ubuntu LiveCD and fix the GRUB menu to get the Winodws menu back and from there fix the BCD.
You don't run the recovery disk from Windows. You boot from it. Then remove the Ubuntu partition (or all partitions) and recover 7.