Recommend Plan of Action?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Currently I am dual booting W7 & W8. (2 HDD's) I have EasyBCD on the W7 partition>1st HDD. (Used this because I did not like the W8 boot loader.)

I want to install a new HDD in the PC to replace the one that W8 resides on> 2nd HDD. (I am going to put W7 on it...The plan is to put my current W7 files on it so I can format the 1st W7 drive...It's a larger and faster drive.) BTW...I am NOT installing W8 on either one of these drives...just W7.

My question is...what's my best plan of action? My goal was to take out 2nd HDD (W8), place in new HDD, install W7. Would the new install see the 2 drives by the W7 boot loader or by Easy BCD?

OR should I uninstall Easy BCD first before doing all this? If I did this wouldn't I have to have W8 reload the Bootloader again? I want to do this as simple as possible & not to mess with my W7 (1st HDD) whatsoever. I need to boot into it.

I hope I haven't confused anyone. Thank you very much in advance for your recommendation.
I didn't receive a response so I thought I'd try again to see if I could explain easier and perhaps get an easy reply.

I have 2 HDD’s, W7 and W8. W8 took over the boot when I installed it, I gave it back to W7 via Boot tab in msconfig. (I removed W8 listing as per instructions I found.)

Originally, I still didn’t like the boot menu because it said Windows 7 twice even though one was W8 so I used EasyBCD…It then said what I wanted> W7 and W8.

I deleted W8 listing from the EasyBCD menu> I installed EasyBCD on the W7 HDD. (I despise W8…BTW.) Anyway…when I boot now all I see is W7…which is fine. Now onto the problem I can’t figure out.

I purchased a new 1TB drive that I want to put into PC to replace the current drive that W8 is on. (To put W7 on it and copy over all my data because my main drive is old and small>350GB and almost full)

When I take out W8 drive, W7 will not boot because bootmgr is on that W8 drive. (Confirmed running bcdedit via CMD prompt)

How do I put the new drive in (1TB) and get W7 to boot so I can install W7 on the new drive?

Any assistance will much appreciated! Thank you again for viewing.


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