Recovery disc doesn't recognize OS. Bootmgr missing.

Bootmgr is missing. I am trying to install the 64 recovery disc. Gets to the prompt where it says load drivers. Click next (several times) and it says that it cannot be repaired. In another thread someone mentioned that you needed SCSI/Sata drivers. I didn't want to highjack that thread so I am posting my own. Terry informed me that it doesn't actually need the drivers so when the "Add drivers -Insert the installation media for the device...." popped up I switched out the discs and tried to load any driver. That didn't work. So, I tried this:

Vista Recovery Recovery options - Operating System not listing - The NeoSmart Forums

Problem is there is no bootsect on installation disc. I tried to make a new ISO image with the bootsect.exe in the boot folder. When I try to use it though I always get the following:
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE Rom

BOOTMGR is missing
Press CTRL + Alt + Del

I Used ImgBurn to create an Iso and burned to both DVD and CD. I put the bootsect.exe in the boot file, the sources file and as a standalone file in the ISO and none of these discs would work.

Questions: Which drivers do I actually need? (Thanks to Terry for responding in other post). I have a Toshiba Satellite 300D. I have a Toshiba mk1652gsx hdd. The laptop uses AMD Athlon x 2 64 chipset.

If Terry is correct and I don't need drivers how do I actually get the disc to repair?

If this doesn't work, how can I get the bootsect.exe file into the 64 ISO image so I can use the command prompt, or is there a way to use the command prompt and just swap out the discs momentarily?

Thanks to Terry again, and any other help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello free.
Do you have multiple HDDs connected to your system?
If so, then try disconnecting all but the one in question.
Then try Startup Repair again, and it should create a new bootmgr.
Boot from Vista dvd, open up the Command Prompt, and type the following commands (and press Enter after):

select disk 0
list volume
Then post the results.