Redundant dual boot

Win 7 on drive 0
Win 8.1 on drive 1 (default)

The 8.1 install created its own tiled boot menu. Prior to this, the
POST screen offered a choice of either system. If you did nothing
the chosen default would boot automatically.

Now, choosing W7 from the Win 8.1. tile causes a reboot before
loading Windows 7. Using F8, the Win 7 choice boots to 8 first,
then the W7 boot tile must be clicked or it defaults to 8.1.
Double-boot - unnecessary waste of time.

How can I easily and safely get the system to ignore this new 8.1
boot menu, and return to the more efficient POST boot?

It's been suggested to simply type this at the Powershell prompt...
BCDedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

Doing so, just as shown, returns an error. Perhaps someone can
refine that cmd line. In msconfig|boot the drives are listed as...

Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 8.1 preview (C:\Windows): Current OS; Default OS

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Thanks Terry,

I am somewhat aware of Fast Boot oddities, though I do not think it was the culprit in this case.
After inputting "BCDedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy" - using the Administrative CMD utility instead of the Power Shell, it worked.