Refund Please.

This Disc is not working at all. I actually wanted you guys send me an actual disc instead of burning it because I knew it wasn't gonna work.
and when i tried to call for a refund you guys didn't pick up can you guys put what time of hours you will be available instead of randomly calling.
so i still want the refund and i need it today. so i can redraw the money into cash and go to best buy.


Also I actual wanted it to like do everything to factory settings to all my programs will be deleted

Mak 2.0

Staff member
The Recovery Disks are only to fix boot issues and yse Restore Points. They can not be used to do a factory reset. That information is propritary to the manufacturer and you have to read the manual provided by them, either included with the machine or via a download, in order to do this. There is no disk that we provide that can do a factory restore.

Send an email to to get a refund.