Remove MS Dual-Boot?


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Probably asked and answered before, but I just want to make sure I don't do something stupid... :??

The situation:
I have a system which originally had Vista installed.
Added a second, physical drive on which I installed Win-7 in dual-boot mode.
I think my Vista hard drive may be failing. :S

The Goal:
I would like to remove the dual boot option enirely and boot only into Win-7, but as I understand it, the Win-7 drive has no MBR, and uses the one from the Vista drive on startup.

What I've done:
I have used "Re-create/repair boot files" on the Win-7 drive, and have switched the drive order in BIOS, and it seems to (dual-)boot fine.

The Question:
Would my next step would be to simply delete the Vista entry using "Edit Boot Menu"?

Or do I first have to use "BCD Deployment" and "Write MBR" on the Win-7 disk?

I just want to have a simple Win-7 boot and reformat the Vista drive. Boring, I know, but that's the goal for now. :wink:

B-) Ray