Remove/Revert to No Boot Manager (Windows 7)

What are the steps required PRIOR to uninstalling EasyBCD v2.2? I don't want the boot manager to display on boot up displaying only one OS. I uninstalled EasyBCD v2.2 but a boot manager remained displaying Windows 7 on subsequent restarts. So I reinstalled EasyBCD, which I am currently using, and is the OS in which I initially installed EasyBCD.

Noteworthy is that using 'Edit Boot Menu/Modify Menu Entries' I deleted a Windows XP entry which I added earlier, which worked flawless, displaying both Windows 7 (installed on first drive and Windows XP on a second drive). Both OS's were bootable.

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You can install/uninstall EasyBCD whenever you want.
It takes no part in booting your system.
It's just an app you can use to modify the behaviour or display of the MS bootmgr next time you boot.
A BCD containing only one entry will normally cause bootmgr to suppress the display of a boot menu (what's there to choose !?), but occasionally the BCD can become marginally corrupted causing bootmgr to display an unnecessary menu.
You can fix that with EasyBCD in two ways.
Simplest. Ignore whatever's corrupting the BCD (It's pretty irrelevant as long as the OS still boots) and just select the "skip boot menu" button on the Edit Boot Menu page and click "Save Settings".
Proper Fix. (but more dangerous if you ignore the warnings).
EasyBCD > BCD Backup/Repair > Reset BCD > Perform Action
Add new entry > create a new W7 entry > Add Entry
Make sure that you do the latter before re-booting and that you've pointed it to the correct partition.

DO NOT ignore the warning not to reboot before creating an entry in the reset BCD.
I would be a rich man if I had a pound for every time someone's posted here "EasyBCD broke my system - I reset the BCD and now it won't boot"
The response "Didn't you see the warning ?" generally elicits "Yes, but I didn't think it really meant it !"
One at least one occasion this exchange has occurred after I posted this exact warning in advance.
You can install/uninstall EasyBCD whenever you want.
EasyBCD > BCD Backup/Repair > Reset BCD > Perform Action
After RTFM (online), I did a Restore to the original configuration/BCD. System reverted to no boot manager displaying. I appreciate your insight with the issue.