Removed all entries, stuck now

I removed all the entries from the boot in EasyBCD, and I set it to skip the boot. Now I can't log into windows 7/safe mode, or Linux mint 13 (unless I boot it from the live CD)

What are my options now? How can I restore the boot loader?
I need to at least access safe mode of windows 7, to make a backup of my files, then reinstall windows sicne I ruined it when I used Wubi, a windows Ubuntu install
Thanks for the reply. I have my recovery discs (also have a recovery partition) I'll see if I can repair it now

Edit: It worked! Not only did it fix my boot menu, but Im able to get into windows without a permanent black screen!!

Topic 2: How can I remove bcd completely
I don't wanna post a new topic for this so I'll post it here. I wanna get rid of easy BCD boot menu's completely! Before I used easy BCD, there was no bootmenu, an it booted straight to Windows. now that I was using it, I got the easy bcd boot menu there all the time. I chose reset bcd config, then I chose recreate/repair bootfiles. I'm not sure if this removed bcd or not. I then chose to skip the boot menu.
I just wanna get rid of bcd, and everything it's done to my boot. Should I use the recovery again?
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The BCD is part of Vista/7/8.
You cannot get rid of it.
It's an integral part of the OS and without it you cannot boot the system, as you discovered when you deleted its contents and ignored EasyBCD's warning that the system would no longer boot.
Whether or not you see a boot menu, the BCD is there booting your system every time.
How do you intend to dual-boot Linux and W7 without a boot menu ?
If you want to use the Linux grub menu, you still cannot remove the BCD. Linux will chain to the Windows boot manager which will need the BCD to boot.
I suggest you tell us what you want to do, and ask how to do it.
As you must have realized, randomly messing about with the boot files without knowing what they do is a recipe for disaster.
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Thanks for the kind reply Terry. The problem is that I've tried installing wubi (ubuntu for windows), and one of the steps was to restart, and choose ubuntu from the boot menu. But Ubuntu never showed up as an option, I thought the easy bcd custom menu I isntalled (neogrub) took over and overridden the boot menu it was supposed to have.
I'm gonna do a LinuxMint for windows isntalation and it requires the same step, I want the linux option to appear this time. Things just got problematic ever since I installed neogrub before and it just made me feel regretful for using easy bcd, so I blamed easy bcd for the probs, I just don't know what I'm doing I guess, I learned more now though


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OK if you're going to do a LInuxMint 13 installation, then heed the warning in the sticky and make sure you're using the very latest Beta of EasyBCD.
One of our users has blogged about this.
Read the footnotes carefully and you should be well prepared before you start.