Restoring from XP image which is from Dual Boot system


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Hi, I was successfull in making my system dualboot with the EasyBCD with preinstalled Vista in my C drive and Windows XP in my D drive. I now want to load my Windows XP on a separate computer so imaged XP from my dual-boot system using Ghost 15 to another HDD(500 GB one). After which I used Ghost 15 to restore my Windows XP image to the HDD but I find the error "Invalid Boot.ini....." It presents me the window in which my user name appears correct and when I enter password and click OK then it presents "Please wait...(top line) logging off (bottom line)." I would like to add here that I tried booting from windows XP cd and on command prompt, gave command bootcfg /rebuild, which fails.

Can anyone please describe step-by-step method of how can I RESTORE my windows XP image (which is from a dual boot system with Vista in C and XP in D) to new HDD?

Also please inform me suppose from my dual-boot system I want only 1 system to remain again, i.e., only XP or only Vista, then what precautions should I take when formatting the unwanted operating system from my dual-boot system.
You can't move an OS installation from one PC to another. The install customizes the OS to the h/w enviroment and several vital drivers will be incorrect for the new h/w. You'll need to reinstall XP on the other PC and remove it from the dual boot. (It's a violation of the EULA to use the same OS on more than one PC) If you do clone it to preserve user apps/files, you'll have to do an inplace upgrade (repair install).
If Vista is "system" in Disk Management, you can simply format XP and remove its entry from the BCD.
If XP is "system" and you want to remove it, you'll need to copy the boot files to Vista first before you format XP.
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