Restoring the original Windows XP MBR from a EasyBCD MBR


I had my desktop ruining with 3 OS on INDIVIDUAL hard drives. The first HD for Win 7, the second for Win XP and the third for Linux. Now I want run the Win XP hard drive as a master in another desktop but the BCD MBR is not recognized by the system. Thus no booting. What should I do? 1) Somehow repair the MBR to erase the EasyBCD info, 2) If possible, use EasyBCD to restore the MBR to its original version?, 3) something else? Please, help will be appreciated. Thanks,



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Can you post a screenshot of your Disk Management with W7 booted, and the contents of the EasyBCD "view settings" screen (detailed mode)


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The BCD MBR is only installed to the primary disk - if XP wasn't the primary, it's not a matter of the BCD MBR not being recognized by the new machine, but rather because that disk didn't have a boot-enabled MBR in the first place.

You can use bootsect or fixboot from the bootable Windows environment to re-install the MBR on this disk from either machine, or keeping it in its final destination, use EasyRE for Windows XP to accomplish the same, albeit automatically.