Scan System = Corrupt Files


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PC - Windows 7:

See the attached .jpg re the sequence of events.

When attempting to access the CBS Log report, #4 ("Access Is Denied") is the result. I'm the Administrator, so I can think of no reason why the log information should be denied to me.

Would like to resolve the "corrupt files" business, but can't move beyond #4 at this point.

Any information/assistance? Much appreciated.


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Make sure you have the correct file permissions. Right-click on the file, select Properties -> Security Tab. Then click on your Group or user names, then select Edit. This will bring up a Permissions applet. Select your Group or user names, then click on Allow | Full Control. Alternatively, you can click on Add then type the name of your login username, then click on Check names and click on OK. Then repeat the same process. Grant Full Control to the file, then click on OK.