Screwed things up already.

Hello all,

I am hoping someone can help me with my main problem, but first, I need to back myself out of the immediate problem that I created through my own ignorance. I have version 2.2 and I was just checking the program out in an attempt to dual boot Windows 8 and OpenSUSE 12.3. I am new to Linux and EasyBCD.
I inadvertently created two Windows 7 and two extra linux entries in my boot menu. When I reboot my computer, I can choose Windows 8 and get back into my system. However, when I go into BCD, I do not see the option to remove the erroneous entries I put in earlier. Is there a way to get back to the starting point, where there are no other boot options listed when I reboot? I don't see the boot options listed in BCD to be deleted. When I click "Edit Boot Menu" it shows that there are "No entries detected."
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Sounds like you have multiple BCD files and EasyBCD is loading the wrong one. Try to load the correct one manually.