Secure Boot stuff obviously buggy.


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I'm experimenting with my new motherboard with Secure Boot and TPM. I have several bootable drives. I use EasyBCD. Sometimes I get the OS menu screen and sometimes I don't. Either way, the situation doesn't change unless I change something. It could be as simple as changing the default OS. Plugging in another drive can also change the situation.

When I don't get the OS menu, it always loads the default OS.

If I get the menu, it always works even if it looks a bit goofy. I put pictures of 3 on OneDrive. Picture 1 shows a normal screen. Picture 2 shows 2 extraneous lines of "Windows Boot Manager". Picture 3 is in a foreign language. Apparently it's Dutch. All 3 menus work okay.

Obviously there are bugs. I guess Microsoft, but maybe the ASRock BIOS could be buggy too.

Does anyone know about this? Do the guilty parties care?


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Thanks for the reply. I learned long ago to disable hibernate. I've been multibooting for many years with Win10 and Win7 without problems. I never use fast boot. I'm now booting Win11 and Win10 with Secure Boot and TPM and there are obvious bugs somewhere.

I think whenever a Secure Boot is done, Microsoft looks at all the bootable operating systems to see if rogue software would be loaded. Somewhere bugs happen.

As I said before, in a case where I get the menu, I always get the menu until I change something in the menu or add or subtract a drive. Similarly, when I don't get the menu, I will never get a menu until I change something in the menu or I add or subtract a drive. I usually have to experiment to find a change that gets the menu back.


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My Desktop PC is "not yet W11 ready" (2014 no TPM2)
My Laptop is "ready" (2020) but I don't multi-boot it. (it's a vanilla backup for the main PC after I realized last year just how vulnerable my life was if the PC failed) so I haven't played with W11 yet, but it sounds like you are suffering early adopter blues with W11.
Previously I've been a Beta user of W7,8,8.1 and 10 and found all but W7 worse than what preceded it, so I'm not expecting much but disappointment from W11.
Let us know if later builds resolve your problem.


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(it's a vanilla backup for the main PC after I realized last year just how vulnerable my life was if the PC failed)
Congratulations. So there are at least two people on earth with our eyes open. :blush: Microsoft caters to the rest of humanity.

The only way I know how to install Windows on a Secure Boot/TPM computer is with an .iso Microsoft puts on a USB flash drive. When using that to install the OS on more than one bootable drive requires you to unplug any bootable drives first.


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Actually the problems are not with W11 per se. It's Secure Boot and TPM. I have the same problems with the OS menu when using W10. The .iso I download from Microsoft is Win10. I sometimes later do an upgrade to W11 beta. This version of W11 seems to work well.