Select next OS at shutdown / restart

I am so happy with easyBCD !!!
on my spare computer I now have Windows 8, 7 and XP
and I can also boot into DOS.
Nice to have for testing and to show to friends.

One more thing:
What I miss is a boot selection at shutdown/restart.
I like to select a new default and walk away, let the
computer go thru the shutdown and restart cycle which
takes several minutes. I don't want to sit there because
I need to press "do you really want to close this..."
or an "OK" or "yes" button, "are you sure".

How can I get a "select next OS" button with shutdown or
restart. It should also work with RDP (remote desktop).

any suggestion ?


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EasyBCD > Useful Utilities > iReboot (the hat)
when you launch BCD, the control panel has seven buttons on the left side, including View Settings, Edit Boot Menu, Add New Entry, Advanced Settings, BCD Backup/Repair, BCD Deployment, and Useful Utilities. Clicking on Useful Utilities, you'll see what looks like a Blue Policeman's Hat. If you click on that one, it will be placed in your system tray in the lower right corner of your desktop. When you "RIGHT click" on it in the system tray, you will have your re-boot options. Choose from the list and then re-start you system. When all else fails or you don't know how to do things with this program, the directions/help will work wonders for you. :smile:


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Thanks, papernpaste. Welcome to our forums.