Skip boot menu selected now I can't boot to Windows 7

I have just upgraded my dual boot Win 7 Linux Mint 17.1 installation to Easy BCD 2.3.
I thought I would use the "skip boot menu" option. What happens now is that it does indeed skip the boot menu and I go into the grub menu from where I can boot Linux Mint 17.1. But the option on the Grub menu to boot Win 7 does not work (it simply redisplays the grub menu) so I can't boot into Win 7 any more.
How can I get into Win 7 so that I can put things back the way they were?
I can provide more details of the config if that helps, I just wanted to start with a simple query.

All suggestions gratefully accepted!
I did the same thing, with the same result. As you said, when I tried to select Windows, it would just display the menu again. I booted my computer using my Windows recovery flash drive, and was presented with the option to choose which OS to enter, and with one to make the default.


Mostly Harmless
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Yes, you need to be very careful with that option - it'll boot your default entry so that had better be a Windows-based one if you want to be able to boot into Windows.

Try the instructions at Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD for some recovery options.