Start second separete OS mit Win XP

Hello and good day,

Yes, I am in this special forum to ask for help. I belong to the older generation and live in Germany. It is logical that my "English" is somewhat more difficult to understand, although Google helps me.
In normal case, I work with newer Alienware machines with Win 7, which are not suitable for older software. For this reason, I bought an Alienware machine M17-Pre-Dell in the States, which I changed to German layout.
This machine has two slots for hard drives. So far I have created the following operating systems:
1 piece Cruicial M300-750GB SSD with the delivery OS Vista Prof 64bit. This is activated and works perfectly. The device manager is adjusted.
1 piece Intel SSD with 64GB I have with activated Windows 7 Home Premium. This it operating system in 64bit (x86) also works in perfection, the device manager also has no problem.
As a third, I installed Windows XP Professional x86, which has caused many problems. In principle, I am so far satisfied, that is, my ancient software I have installed. (SH3 + SH4, RCT, and Autodesk Sketch 2.1)

Both operating systems are started by selecting the Windows boot manager, ie either Windows 7 or Windows XP.
How can I disconnect both operating systems? Without reinstallation!
Win 7 as drive C: on a SSD and Win XP with drive C: on a second SSD? Currently as drive E: named WinXPx86.

Today I copied drive E: with Win XP with Easeus to a new SSD. How can I make this drive bootable with EasyBCD?
After the start I have the following statement:
Winontaidows failed to start
File: \Boot\BCD
Status: Oxc0000098
Info: The Windows Boot Configuration Sata file does not contain a valid os entry.
Who can help?


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Have you deleted the XP entry from the BCD and added it again since you moved XP to a new HDD ?
If not, do that now and let EasyBCD auto-configure (don't change what it sets up)
Your advice, dear Terry I will note and no private message use.
The information is very difficult for me to understand. But first thank you very much for your effort. Perhaps I have also expressed my language. Possible misinterpretations in the translation.
I have several times with Easeus a copy on the new SSD created. In addition, I have the following instructions: fixmbr and fixboot. The commands are assumed, it does not happen during a restart.
Another problem is that I can not reinstall Windows on the new SSD. Neither Home Premium, let Professional in the 32bit versions. The ATI driver is installed with errors and thus the Grafk driver for Autodesk (Sketch v 2.1) is no longer usable.
And as I said (it is paradox), on the hard drive where Windows XP (x86) with the installation Autodesk perfectly including the main driver works (besides parallel installation Windows 7-64bit) it is also not usable since the 64GB SSD is too small.
Where and how do I have to install Easy BCD? On Win 7 or XP?
What exactly do I need to adjust?
Is there a "how can I make what" instruction?
Can I manually repair a start partition of XP?
Can I install Easy-BCD on a floppy disk and start XP? I bought a USB drive.
Or is it better to hire a reputable company in the States that could help me? I can pack the machine well and send it to the USA. I have now invested over 750 € in this M17 Pre Dell and it does not work according to my needs.
The last option would be the 64GB SSD to have a larger SSD copy of a company copy. And still make a selection at the start.
I was an idiot and to take a "Scotsman" a too small SSD. And now I'm annoyed.
Yes, I do not know what to think.