Startup Repair Infinite Loop - Easy Recovery Essentials - Failure to Fix Problem

[h=1]Startup Repair Infinite Loop: Fix for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1[/h]
Having a problem detailed perfectly on your website, and with the hope of a ''guaranteed'' fix claim from the software I brought and downloaded it.

I followed these instructions exactly only to come up against another problem. The volume that needs recovery is an ''Unmountable Volume'', and I am unable to proceed with the automated repair.

I found this thread which reiterates exactly the problem that I am having. The NeoSmart Forums

08/18/14--15:30: 0xc0000225 error, EasyRE seemingly not working
Hello, I downloaded/purchased EasyRE because I am experiencing a "Windows failed to start" error (0xc0000225) and cannot even start windows or run safe mode (f9). Plus I didn''t have the installation discs. However, I have tried EasyRE via both CD and USB but both result in the same problem. I boot them up and am given the following choices: Easy Recovery Essentials Easy Recovery Essentials (VGA Mode) Easy Recovery Essentials (Safe Mode) I select one and it seems to be running fine; lines of text are scrolling and such. However, it all always stops and then my computer simply shows a blue box that says INPUT NOT SUPPORTED. My computer stays on and sounds like it''s doing something, but I can''t do anything. However, SOMETIMES when I select Easy Recovery Essentials (VGA Mode) I am able to access the EasyRE menu with all the recovery options. Of course, I try selecting Autamated Repair but a green window with an animation that says PLEASE WAIT appears and sits there forever. I!
can''t advance. *UPDATE:* I was able to get the Automated Repair to work after a few tries but when I actually try to perform an ''Automated Repair'' on my computer, I get in red text "The selected partition is corrupted and could not be accessed or repaired. Please select a different drive to continue." It is also labeled as NO under Active. *UPDATE 2: *Since I do not have a the installation discs, I made a USB with a Windows_7_Recovery_Disc iso (as shown here Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool - Windows 7 Help Forums ( but it also doesn''t work. I get the blue screen that I attached and none of the options do anything. Any idea what''s going on? I''ve been going crazy about this problem for 2 days and was really counting on EasyRE to solve it easily. Thanks in advance! Miguel Attachment 2909 (

I see no one has posted on this thread, and I wonder if there is a fix for this problem, or does it show an inherent failure of the software to fix the problem in this instance? Any help would be most appreciated.