Startup Repair keeps running and running... is this normal?


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My harddrive had some issues after I hit my laptop with my fist. Okay, anger management issues aside. At first it said it was having read errors, and finally it started to boot after I took out the drive and put it back in. Nothing looked physically broken.

Anyway it started to boot and went into startup repair. It has done some variations at different times, like it rebooted once, and once it asked to try to restore to a previous restore point. But now all it does is sit on this screen for literally DAYS ON END.

It says that it is "repairing disk errors. This may take over an hour to complete." But 8 hours? 16 hours? 36 hours???

I can cold boot it. I got the recovery disc software for windows 7 64 bit and have been able to boot from it. I have no system images to recover it to, and no previous restore points. I tested the memory, and it is fine. The only other option is startup repair, and it sits here on this screen for hours and hours and days and days.

How can I tell if it is doing anything or it is just locked in a loop? Listening to the drive with my ear on the keyboard, it seems it has quite a loop of sounds going.... the lights still flicker for the drive, but really, it seems like it is in a loop.

What can I do??
Sounds like you did damage to the read/write head of the hard drive. This head i speak of just basically floats over the disk itself and manages the data. Any massive shock, like you hitting it, can cause the head to hit the disk and cause physical damage and cause problems. As your finding out.

It shouldnt be taken this long to do a disk repair. Which is telling me that the head bounced a couple of times and caused some major damage. You might have to replace the hard drive.