Stuck on 'Preparing to repair windows partition on...'

Hey, I just bought EasyRE to fix my Win10 laptop that has been giving me the biggest headache to fix.

I could add a background of how my computer got to where it is, but for simplicity sake its a boot BSOD (INACESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) not related to win updates but rather when I manually uninstalled an antivirus that refused to uninstall.

So I fire up EasyRE after changing UEFI to accept the usb (disable secureboot, enable legacy ROM/boot), select automatic repair, observe that both the UEFI boot partition and the WinRE tools partiton show alongside Windows, then wait for it to work. After a minute doing a memory test, it continues for barely a few seconds until it stops on "Preparing to repair Windows Partition on [device map]". I leave it here, thinking its part of the software to take a while. However, over 30 minutes and still nothing. I try again, after force restarting computer (log off option didnt work). Same result, ive left it for over an hour now and still nothing. Online, other people's logs show it should identity the partiton as NTFS and move on. This did not happen. Just stuck.

Any idea? Is there any way to get logs of what's going on?