Sucessful triple boot of Vista, XP and Leopard - thanks!


EasyBCD 1.7.1 is the dog's - thanks very much CG

I have 2x HDs on an Acer 7720g laptop:
HD0 - 1) Acer rescue partition, 2) Vista Home Prem, 3) XPSP2
HD1 - 1) OS X 10.5.1, 2) Data partiton (FAT32)

Vista was pre-installed, I installed XP, then Leopard

For anyone interested I installed Leopard the 'K' way as described at some insane Mac place:
MBR (GUID didn't work), no drivers and no vanilla

EasyBCD really lived up to it's name

Now just to sort out HnS and iReBoot UAC-free (which I can't currently download - keeps sending me back to login screen)

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Hi Marco, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Glad you found EasyBCD to your liking, that's what it's here for :smile:

iReboot UAC-free and Vista HnS are *not* compatible - making a selction from the iReboot menu will only trigger the option in the default Vista bootloader, but HnS will still boot into its default target - if that happens to be the Vista bootloader then well and good, otherwise it's useless.

I'm looking into the login-redirect issue regarding attachment downloads, hope to have it resolved soon.

As for GUID/EFI support for Mac OS X installations... we're working on it :smile:
Hi CG - iReboot is not really essential because I'm hopping between Leopard and the two windows boots from the Vista bootloader just fine and obviously wouldn't have iReboot in OS X anyway, however having my Vista restore points wiped does matter. I tried to read the HnS threads and it left my head spinning.

So one simple question - can I use HnS to fix the restore point issue and continue to boot into the three OS's, as I do now?

Any special instructions for me? I've taken a long time to get where I am now and still got work to do on the Leopard install - don't want to screw it all now :smile:


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The HnS GUI has no provision for specifying any OS other than XP or Vista at the moment, though I don't know whether Guru intends to include alternatives in future.

The program has been in Beta, so obviously has been concentrating on reliably achieving it's primary task, hiding Vista from XP.

This is possible using Neogrub inside EasyBCD, and results in an effective, though not so convenient 2 level boot process. HnS is a way of achieving that specific goal in a single boot process, and is working well at the moment. It takes control of the boot process at the top level and then hands over to Vista or XP invisibly having taken the necessary action to hide/unhide partition(s)

The menu.lst boot file it generates (examples can be seen in posts in the HnS download thread) contains the boot commands and I would imagine you could edit an entry for Linux or OSX into that manually, though Guru would have to advise you what the appropriate commands would be (if possible at all)

I really miss iReboot (once you've got used to it, it's sad to have to sit around waiting for the boot selection) but look forward to Guru making it HnS compatible in the future.
HnS does support non XP/Vista OSes, but only in conjunction with a second boot menu.

So basically, HnS's menu:
Windows XP
Vista Menu

Selecting Vista Menu:

Theoretically you could rewrite menu.lst to add the OS X entry to the HnS menu, but we're going to be advising that people stick with the two-layer menus or else EasyBCD will not function as expected.
OK, so just to be sure (can you feel my nervousness?) in HnS I choose Vista Menu rather than Vista, which would take me straight in (is this an obvious step in the software), and I delete the XP entry from EasyBCD?

I haven't installed the app yet as I want to be completely clear what I'm doing. My Leopard install is nearly perfect after several weeks :smile:
What Guru is saying is that you Install HnS, run the UI, tell it which disk is XP, which disk(s) have Vista restore points to be protected and it will create a top level bootloader which "does what it says on the tin" and Hides Vista from XP.
In the phase 4 tidy-up stage, someone like me would use the EasyBCD option to "turn off" the 2nd level Vista bootloader because only XP and Vista exist so there's no need for Vista to offer a choice.
You however will keep it active (not timeout 0) but remove the XP option and just leave Vista and OSX as your choices (defaulting to whichever you choose)