Super newb Question


I have been reading the forum posts but, since I am a newb, I have not found (or maybe seen but not recognized) the answer to this question. I have a new computer with 3 HDDs (all SATA). I would like to install 3 OS's each on its own drive, but use the Win 7 boot manager (Win 7 will be on the 1st drive and the only one in the BIOS boot order) to specify which to boot into. The second HDD will have Ubuntu 9.04 and the third OSx.
It appears that the EasyBCD 2.0 betas will allow me to do it when 2 OS's are on the same HDD, but will the new beta do the same if they are on different internal drives? Also, does it matter if I do the EasyBCD install to Win 7 before I install the other OS's or install the next 2 OS's afterwards?

If the above has been answered in some other post, I apologize in advance.

Thanks in advance.
1. Yes, its possible. I would install Windows last.
2. No, you can install/uninstall EasyBCD at any time. its a config app for Windows bootloader, not the bootloader itself.