System 32 Deletion?

( I attached the picture of the message I get when I start computer up to the post)

So one day I decided to do a factory reset on my ASUS DESKTOP PC and when I did the factory reset it also deleted my windows I assume?
So now everytime I turn on my computer I get straight to this screen with a message. I don't have this so called " Recovery tool" it ask me for.
So my questions is

Would this work?
Easy Recovery Essentials | Windows Recovery and Repair CD Downloads
If this doesn't work what will? What do I do?

I had windows 10 but use to have windows 8.1

I dont want to buy it then it doesn't work not made of money. I will provide any details needed if requested.

Thanks in advanced I'm a noob to computers




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EasyRE wont work. You need a system disk. Normally a factory reset would work unless you've used the system cleanup tool in advanced mode and then the necessary files often get deleted.
I would check with ASUS as to whether or not they can provide media.


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I would add that if you want to try EasyRE there is a satisfaction or money-back guarantee.


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Note the error presented in your post is misleading. While it could indeed happen if the system32 folder or the ntoskrnl.exe file (which is the Windows kernel) has been deleted, it usually actually means that the boot configuration is wrong and is looking for this file on the wrong (or non-existent) device/drive. If that is the problem, EasyRE would work. But if you have more reason than you gave in your post to believe that your Windows and/or system32 directories have been wiped, then you really do need a full reinstall.