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Hi from BC Canada

.. I fix PC systems problems for a living, but a customer brings in a new Toshiba notebook with Windows 7 Home on it and pleading for me to get his old CorelDraw4 to run on it. CD4 won't install on Win7 and is a 16-bit app, so I had to create a 2GB partition, and a couple 250 GB partititions to install XP Pro and re-install Win 7. EasyBCD lets the customer choose which OS to load. XP when they need to run CorelDraw4 and Win 7 when they want to play with the latest. I still have some studying to learn how to use EasyBCD advanced features. Nice product. Thanks.


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Hi ftcnet, welcome to the forums,

While EasyBCD is useful for dual-booting, I wouldn't recommend setting up a physical dual-boot for your customers unless they specifically say so. In the future setup a VM with something like VirtualBox since it doesn't require registration with the older version of Windows. Doing that well save you the trouble of re-partitioning and installing the OS over again.

I tinker with fixing computers as a hobby. I don't really like seeing people pay big bucks to take them to stores to fix them. I had never ran across this site until tonight and signed up with a plea for help. :smile:

I also have a fair bit of experience with the HTC Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2. If you have questions about Roms or apps, I might be able to help or point in the right direction.

I also thank you for creating the recovery disk. I have never agreed with the companies that expect end users to create their own or pay to get them after the fact. Then there are those companies that believe a recovery partition is sufficient. It is until the hard drive fails. Sorry about the rant.

Just the ability to reach system restore in a non-booting system is great. If I pass the disk on to others how can I correctly credit I will direct them to the link on your site as long as they don't say huh? to 'do you know what a torrent file is?'.



Hello from a Newbie

Hi All,

Just a few lines to introduce myself and also say thanks Guru. I have had a peek at previous forums and solved one of the issues i had. Theres more, and as a self taught technophobe (i can hear the tutts lol) im sure someone, somewhere has posted a similar problem. We'll see, hopefully someone can help with the Vista Probs i am experiencing,
Or the Lap tops 'out the window'.

Look forward to any advice available, unfortunately when it comes to computing i am a novice.

Thanks in Advance



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I have been using EasyBCD for nearly two years and love it. I just recently been using the beta's to permit me to dual boot Windows 7 and Mac Osx 86 - great job!


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About to try a dual boot on a dell

Hey all. Very,very new to this. I got a dell studio 1555 laptop(Christmas), has windows 7 but want to dual boot with windows xp. anything i should watch out for?
I have been reading up on this on different sites and it seems theirs always a problem with booting back into 7. And did i say i was new at this? Is this something i should try ?


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When you install XP after W7, it will regress the boot to XP's NTLDR (which cannot boot W7).
To repair the W7 boot from XP (the only working system), you'll first need to install NET 2.0 framework (a pre-req for EasyBCD), then install EasyBCD 2.0 latest build and follow the instructions here

Alternatively, you can use your W7 DVD (if you have one - or our recovery CD if not, or create your own before you lose W7, from Control Panel/Backup/Create system repair disk ), then follow these instructions

From W7 using Easy2 add an XP entry to the BCD, let Easy2 auto-configure when it offers, don't change the disk assignment it uses.


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hi, i'm one of the real oldies, a retired programmer.

i gave myself a christmas present, motherboard, processor, etc.
and having lots of fun trying to clean up my disks/partitions.

greetings svein-erik (a.k.a. grandpa)


Hi all,
I'm from Italy (middle Italy) and I joined this forum because I was looking for informations related EasyBCD.
My nickname simply means "Cat" (from Latin), I do not like to talk about myself perhaps because of my PC security "obsession":wink:.
Nice to meet you



I couldnt download EasyBCD the beta from this site otherwise.

The same reason for me, for the most part.

Hey all, I wanted to say thanks for the work on EasyBCD. I came here looking for an alternative to the elder free version of Vistaboot Pro (ver 3.3) that wasn't working properly on my mature Vista 64bit (w/SP2) partition, and now is throwing exception errors in a fresh install of Win7 64bit Ultimate.

I'm not certain why, after installing Win7 on a 170gig partition at the end of one of my SATA drives, I can no longer boot the existing Vista64 OS from the Win7 bootloader menu. I get a missing or corrupt hal.dll error message - which I'm thinking is not the real issue - so I'm working and searching to figure it out, hence my arrival here. I think part of my problem has to do with using Vistaboot Pro on this system over the past couple years despite the errors, and have unintentionally jiggered the boot entries/pointers/configuration beyond proper recongition. I'm not familiar enough with the command line tools and switches to solve my problem quickly, though I'm fairly sure this should be an easy problem to solve as I'm just dual booting Win7 and Vista.

Once I find a solution, hopefully with EasyBCD as an aid, I'll post in an appropriate forum thread. Thanks again for the software, all your work on it and the support offered by your forums here!


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I'm an Avid Overclocker of appliances, not just computers, I Plan on building an AMD hackint0sh (Phenom II 710 x3; gigabyte MA 790X UD4P, 4 GB DDR2 1066 5-5-5-15l; ATi 4850 1 GB; 500 GB Hdd, 40 gb HDD, DVD superdrive.) for extra studying, I have 4 OSes already, and 11 partitions (All on one HDD) So you see where EasyBCD comes in for me...
If you don't hear from me this time tomorrow, I probably formated my boot partition and for got most of my passwords.


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introduce myself

I have problems with ubuntu 9.10 boot in a multiboot system. It seems that here there is a solution. Let's hope and thanks in advance.

I'm a moderate linux user. Few years ago I was using it more than today, but I changed my job, so...

I felt I had to register and join as my vista computer would not boot up and the instructions and help given got my computer backup and running. Thank you for your help and I will continue to help others here if I know the answers to the their problem(s)

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New Comer!

Hello all
I'm here to get the new EasyBCD 2.0 beta to dual boot my win 7 machine and ubuntu 9.1. Must say it did not work at first, but next morning, come to find out, it wasn't EasyBCD (Don't think) but my external drive. It is strange, but if I boot both computer and external drive for the first time EasyBCD picks it up or the external actually mounts. Before EasyBCD it was Grub2 on my mbr and the same thing would occur. It would only find the grub.conf located on the second partition (hd1,1) of my external on a fresh boot. If I reboot it does not find it and within Grub2 it would go to grub rescue with no commands! So here I am with EasyBCD which is far easier to use in my opinion than editing menu.lst or grub.conf. Another to add the neogrub option lending me grub commands grub> find gives me (hd0,0), (hd1,0) but when I try to mount my external cannot mount try to ls the dir cannot. Anyone have any clues about externals and mounting during boot please help. Another question is is there a developers community or anything I can do to try to help with code? I would love to be apart of building EasyBCD!


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Hi there every one!! I register in hope to get some help concerning Mac OSx installation!! Been having a hell of a time with lately!! formating drive several time and tones of times reinstalling!! So i came to hear of the EasyBCD beta and wanted to try it!! ope it do works.