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Hello all
I'm here to get the new EasyBCD 2.0 beta to dual boot my win 7 machine and ubuntu 9.1. Must say it did not work at first, but next morning, come to find out, it wasn't EasyBCD (Don't think) but my external drive. It is strange, but if I boot both computer and external drive for the first time EasyBCD picks it up or the external actually mounts. Before EasyBCD it was Grub2 on my mbr and the same thing would occur. It would only find the grub.conf located on the second partition (hd1,1) of my external on a fresh boot. If I reboot it does not find it and within Grub2 it would go to grub rescue with no commands! So here I am with EasyBCD which is far easier to use in my opinion than editing menu.lst or grub.conf. Another to add the neogrub option lending me grub commands grub> find gives me (hd0,0), (hd1,0) but when I try to mount my external cannot mount try to ls the dir cannot. Anyone have any clues about externals and mounting during boot please help. Another question is is there a developers community or anything I can do to try to help with code? I would love to be apart of building EasyBCD!

Hi NeoEinstein, welcome to NST.

There is no "official developers community" or anything, it's just us hanging out here :smile:

I think there's an issue with the version of NeoGrub that EasyBCD 2.0 Beta is shipping with, I'm going to recompile a new build of NeoGrub and distribute that alongside a new beta release. Give that a shot.


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Just wanted to say 'Hi!'.

Have been using EasyBCD 1.7 with Windows Vista and Ubuntu 9.04 with no problem for a while. Very good software! Have recently moved on to Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10. Hope that EasyBCD 2.0 beta is just as good in this scenario.
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Hi all.

I'm from Norway. Just bought a new acer laptop with windows 7 and want a usb Windows 7 Recovery Disc 64-Bit (x64) Edition, thats why I joined primarily.

Best regards


Hello, Pleased to join your forum. I signed up to download the beta, but after a quick glance at the posts, I
decided it might be wise to ask a question first. I`m sorry, I`m socially illiterate...let me try again.
Hello, My name is Mike and I am a 46yr old welder. (Currently laid-off) I got my 1st computer less than 2
yrs ago. Within 2 months I was a wannabe geek. Still am. All I want to do is learn more. Even found a free
Harvard course on programming 101! I love this stuff! Soo...I`ve read a couple forums for info... and saw
that they seem to have some rules I1m not clear on, and it`s easy to offend someone. Where do I ask
questions about multi-boot do`s and don`t`s? I just wanna learn. Thanx!


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Hi coyotyl, welcome to NST!

Nothing like diving in head-first and learning for yourself - it's the only real way to "get it."

You can ask in the "EasyBCD Forum" to your hearts content. We'll be more than happy to help :smile:


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Hi and will wait to plea for help

:tongueout: I have trouble . . . so here I am . . . but I will wait till I have looked around for answers before I post questions. Name is Terry so hello to all!


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Hi Mike.
You can start in the sticky thread.
It was primarily written to answer the most frequently posted problems, but it contains some early links to other resources, the first of which is a site with so much information that you'll be able to answer most of your own, and other people's, questions about multi-booting once you've read it. There are also some tips on using these boards.

Also lupette welcome,
can't have too many Terrys.


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Hi - many thanks for the warm welcome! I'm from Germany, not far away from Frankfurt, where we have some 50cm snow right now and more will come (hopefully not too much).

I just downloaded the EasyBCD 1.7.2 to
tweak the Vista bootloader on my two years old Notebook. My intention is to install XP parallel to Vista to allow me to use some older EDA software, which are not running under Vista. I may replace Vista to later point of time and install Windows 7 (64-bit) parallel to XP.

Thanks again and kind regards - Kullematz :smile:


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Don't use 1.7 Kullematz. Get 2.0 latest build. Release 1 just manages the BCD. It expects you to understand the mechanics of getting XP to work with Longhorn, and to do all the manual tasks yourself.
2.0 automates it all for you.


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Thank you for an amazing app

With your latest version it became a simple click task to copy the mbr from one drive to another. The old drive which was doing the booting needed to be retired for being too low in capacity and very noisy. After trawling through the various linux apps and getting nowhere you made it too simple. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!

I wish you all the best for the future.


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You are most welcome, pandaspray!! Glad to hear EasyBCD is slowly but surely becoming a one-stop-shop for just about all booting-related issues :smile:


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how/why/when did you join?

I have no clue when it was, what was the reason to join this forum?
Ermm, I guess I needed latest EasyBCD. How did I join? Click here, click there... voila!



Hi, Newbody here, I am not only new but the resident newbie something.I am not smart enough to get the logic of computers. But I really wanted to use linux so I hopefuly learn a but each day.

Live in Sweden. Rather cold these days but what to expect. My gear here are cheapest possible from the Big Mall.

I have on HP/Compaq SR5622SC one of their cheapest they had in Sweden. Got WinVista in OEM install on it so I want to keep that as long as the warranty is on it. And some programs does exist in Windos but not in Linux.

DAZ3D Studio. CGI program Requirements

Windows® 32-bit

  • Pentium 4
  • 1.3 GHz (2 GHz dual core or faster recommended)
  • Windows XP (XP or Vista recommended)
So that is a bit sad. Sure Linux has other programs but they are not as ready made as Daz are. The forum at Daz has nothing like that in Linux. So I keep the Vista and to keep it I need Neogrub.

Okay I could have used Grub4Dos everybody in Linux tells me. But I failed to understand how to while NeoGrub in EasyBCD was more intuitive. Not that I really get what I did but it worked and that is what is important.

Now I should update it to latest 2.0 insteadof 1.7.2 which maybe miss some features?
I will look for such threads so I know the difference between them.