The truth of the MacBook Air

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YouTube - test

The truth if you wish to use it for anything useful.
^ oh something else about it?

besides being a shit load on your wallet and apple has been charging Australia extra for some reason lol


LMAO (for real)

omg, that was awesome, i knew it was crap for no drives and such lol they did that every well, and GO THINK PAD!

my first real personal computer was a old thinkpad laptop, it had pull out drives and battery lol i somehow set the passwords wrong, and i cant get in past boot.. :frowning:
The Macbook doesnt have a CD drive???
If not then its not that worth it in my opinion.

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No it odes not have a CD/DVD Drive. It only has 2 USB ports. That is it. Kinda the point behind the video. :wink:


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Get an Asus eee instead.

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Not saying there isnt even better ultra portables but it is nice to finally see someone go after apple the way they like to go after PC's.
^ yes, i should find an interesting picture on my machine... *looks for it*

Found it!

i kind feel bad... :frowning:

(my friend sent me this picture)


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Very funny

So PC is for the businessman, MAC for the cool guy, and Linux for the little guy? :smile:
^ no no no!

PC is to Gaming, Mac is to Workstation(Editing/Creation), while Linux is to everything else :tongueout:
I wonder when the first laptop that comes with a magnifying glass will be released.:smile:
They just get smaller and smaller./actually lighter but soon theyll shrink.
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For the price its not worth it. Just buy a PDA or IPhone and get a cool gaming machine at home.

Or buy three four Eees


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Ah... Now it's time for me to let somthing slip.
Very recently I was contacted by apple (mak knows the full story) an I was show the air at a meeting I attended an had a QnA about it, What most people done realise is it's a ultra portable most task's carried out on the road away from the office only require the PC an not a optical drive. That is why it wasnt included in the Air.


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The lack of an optical drive isn't a big deal, really. My Eee doesn't have one, and I don't miss it.

What is a problem is paying an arm and a leg for something that, at the end of the day, is still just as unportable as a normal laptop.