Toshiba not working out of options please help

I really would like some help please my Toshiba is not working I try I I know it would not start up. I trying using safe mode it could only allow safe mode. I have no restore point couldn't restore. I try suggestion I saw online. I please the recovery disk in last night at first I try I couldn't get it boot from cd/dvd. Eventually I press the spacebar key before the screen keep up and it came up. It ask me if I want to recover and keep files or wipe the computer I choose the second because I was unsure while it was giving me trouble in the first place. After it begun to recovery the disc recovery disk 1 of 2. It just took me to a blank screen wit a small little sign like a upside down L and the cursor next to it. What is it telling me it keep going back to the same spot. I don't know what to do next is there another disk am I missing something or is something else wrong. Do I have to use another disc ?

Please help someone:tongueout:oint:


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