Tri-Booting 1 Win with 2 Linuxes

Bascially, I'm trying to get EasyBCD to point to my Ubuntu and kubuntu installs. Ubuntu is on sdb2, when kubuntu is on sdb5, but no matter what I do, it always boots to Ubuntu's GRUB!!! Note that sdb2 and sdb5 are /boot's and that's where the bootloaders are installed. But I do not want one GRUB... no, I want two: one for Ubuntu and one for kubuntu. Using EasyBCD 2.2.

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You need to boot into Windows and use the option to write the MBR back to the Windows loader.

Updating the MBR and Bootsector - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Once you re-write the MBR you should no longer see GRUB. But make sure your entries are working properly, last thing you want is to lose GRUB and not be able to boot into Ubuntu and Kubuntu.


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This is related to an outstanding feature request for EasyBCD to support multiple GRUB2 paths.
I have posted a link to a said post on the Ubuntu forums, but that comment is awaiting moderation on here.

PC boots into Windows-only drive.
Windows Bootloader: Windows7, Ubuntu, kubuntu.
GRUBs are being edited:
Two unique GRUBs showing two different images and different color schemes for the OSes. (Ubuntu is red/orange, kubuntu is blue/white.)
They show only its most recent kernel, its recovery mode and Memtest+86.
Whenever I boot into kubuntu from Ubuntu's GRUB, I get its verbose messages and a text-based loader (shows 'kubuntu 12.04' and four dots), but Ubuntu's doesn't show the verbose, just the usual boot screen. It also makes my video drivers act up, so I'm doing it this way to help alleivate the issue.


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At the moment, to the best of my knowledge, the only correct way of doing this is to use a single grub2 for both Ubuntu and Kubuntu (i.e. add both to the single menu file).