Triple boot concern: Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu 12.10


I had a dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu that I configured using easy bcd on Windows 7. The opening screen was the windows boot manager with two options. Windows 7 opens that OS, ubuntu opens the grub boot screen and then on to Ubuntu.

I cleared space on my drive and installed Windows 8. Now when I boot I get the Windows 8 boot screen with three options. If I choose either windows 7 or Ubuntu the computer reboots and either goes right into Windows 7 or the grub boot for Ubuntu. It works well but is slow.

Interestingly in this triple boot system, if I reboot from Windows 7 or Ubuntu I get the quicker and easier Windows 7 boot manager but if I reboot from Windows 8 I get the slower Windows 8 boot manager.

Is there any way to get the windows 7 boot manager all the time? Even when I reboot from Windows 8? I don't want to completely screw up the system.

Many thanks


Triple boot Concern--what I did

Decided that Windows 8 worked OK for me. Upgraded the windows 7 partition to Windows 8. Now have a dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10.

I used Boot Repair and implemented their recommended solution. I now have the grub 2 boot menu from which I can choose Ubuntu or Windows 8 and directly boot. Not pretty but functional and no reboot issue.