Triple boot: installing xp after vista and w7


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Hi Guys! I'm new here. I hope someone can help me.

My laptop came with Vista installed. Last month, I also installed W7. So now I have dual boot. I can log into either OS. But recently I need windows XP because I have some software that run on windows xp only and not on vista or W7 (I tried). I don't want to go through virtualization stuff. I just want a proper full installation of windows XP.

But how do I install XP after Vista and W7 already installed first? (i.e. triple boot). I really want to avoid the steps of installing XP first, then Vista, and then W7. It would take too much time.

Thanks in advance.
If you install XP after Vista/W7, then the MBR/PBR will get overwritten with Xp versions, meaning that the XP bootloader file (ntldr) will be getting loaded at startup instead of the Vista/W7 bootloader file (bootmgr), and thus you will only be able to boot into XP. Since the ntldr cannot chainload the bootmgr, and is not forward compatible, you will have to replace the MBR/PBR with correct versions (i.e. Vista or W7's). You can do this with Vista or W7's Startup Repair on the install DVD.
Doing so will result with the dual-boot of Vista and 7 to work again, however you will no longer be able to boot into XP. To solve this problem, download the latest beta build of easybcd, run it, go to the entries management page (don't remember what its called in the newest version), select XP in the drop-down, push add entry, and hit yes when it offers to auto-config.
You will then have a triple boot.