Triple Boot problem


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I currently have a really complicated problem upon triple booting my desktop (and am using my laptop at the moment) because I originally had Windows Vista Home Premium (OEM) and Windows 7 Ultimate cracked dual boot. To explain a few things (so i don't get misunderstood), I have a cracked version because Ultimate is just too expensive and is the only OS i know of in the 7 series to comprehend different unicode (for foreign software). I personally don't need it but my family does and all software within the OS's are legit (FYI, i'm a student).

The problem is, Ultimate is in 64 bit and i wanted a windows 7 32 bit, so i went to Best Buy and purchased Win 7 Home Premium 32 bit. I created a third partition on a fresh new hard drive (Ultimate 7 and vista home prem was in one hard drive, 7 premium was in another) and installed win 7 on that drive (to avoid conflicts). That was when problems arose after installation and I received the "winload.exe is not digitally signed" problem. Following the on-screen-instructions, i tried disabling it by spamming F8 but was unable to get into the advanced settings. After research on my laptop, various problems and solutions were pointed, from Boot Manager to USB devices to winload.exe being in the wrong file path. Personally, i believe USB devices had nothing to do with this, so i ignored it (please correct me if i'm wrong). Upon running BOOTREC for my Windows 7 Ultimate from my windows Install CD, windows command prompt stated "The D:\windows\system32\winload.exe application cannot be run in Win32 mode). Upon running BOOTREC, it detected 0 OS's even after MBR repair.

The new windows 7 home premium works fine but would only log into my account 50% of the time.

Any help to correct the Vista and Ultimate system would be greatly appreciated since i have crucial information in them both. Thank you in advance.