triple boot vista/xp/ubuntu12.04

I am using easy bcd 2.2 the latest. I have one hard drive it has vista, then I installed xp sp3, and fixed vista after xp install.
I then installed easybcd and set it up to dual boot vista/xp all works well.
I then installed ubuntu 12.04 studio in a free space at the end of the disk.
I had it install the boot stuff in the linux / as I have read on different threads.
So now I have linux like this: ~20GB for /, ~30GB for /home, and ~8GB for swap.

After the restart I get the vista dual boot screen and boot into vista and open easybcd.
I then select add new and pick GRUB2 and select the linux / partition and rename it in the menu to Ubuntu 12.04, and reboot.

Now I get the vista boot screen with all three choices. I try Ubuntu and get this:
Initialize variable space...
Starting cmain() ... (hd0,6)
[Multiboot-Kludge, loadaddr=0x100000, test-and-data=0x65c4, bss=0x0, entry=0x100950]
and a blinking cursor.

I must use the power button to get out of this screen, ctl-alt-del does nothing.

If I go into the "F2" setup and go to the HD and change nothing then exit with saving and get back to the vista boot menu sometimes I get the linux
boot screen and can boot ubuntu or go back to the vista menu, if I shut down the computer and try ubuntu again I get the "kludge" message above.

I would like to know how to make the easy? I have read tons of threads and tried all sorts of combos but nothing will reliably allow me to get in to linux.

Any help would be great I did not expect it to be this difficult to triple boot.