Trouble with easybcd version 2.3 finding any of my 50 linux partitions

Need help with this problem. I have windows 7, windows 8, and windows 10 running perfectly off of a grub2 menu as well as 40 linux distros. I installed easybcd 2.3 over the 2.2 that was previously installed and working fine. The small problem I am having is that the 2.3 version cannot find any of the grub2 installations I have installed and defaults to a grub rescue screen. With version 2.2 I used automatic entry and everything worked fine. It seems to be stuck on partition 0,22 then goes to some preset menu then fails to grub rescue. By the way this is not a gpt setup....It is legacy bios. Asus sabertooth with UEFI bios set to legacy and working fine.

I have easybcd 2.3 installed in each of the 3 windows installs and they all fail to add linux os's to the windows bootloaders.

Solve this problem and I will donate